“i’ve never been arrested” is all he said to me when he picked me up at the front door of my mom’s place. i was 16 and he was 19. i thought i was so cool because he was an older man. he had a tattoo-it was an eagle. and he tucked his cigarettes into his jean jacket.

yeah, he wore a jean jacket, so what…?

he took me to the movies. i forget what movie it was-something silly and action-y. the entire movie he kept trying to touch my thigh and i wouldn’t let him. i wanted to wait until we were alone. it was extra weird because he just kept telling me i had nice legs. baggy jeans were very popular in those days, i don’t know how he could’ve known.

i guess he only knew one compliment.

after the movie we went to my house and sat in his car for a while. he asked me if i wanted a smoke. i smoked it and i thought about making out with him. we kissed for a moment but the taste of his breath and the cigarette boiling my blood i had to quit because i thought i might puke. i told him the jean jacket was too much and i had to go. i promised that the next time we went out i would definitely make out with him.

the next time we went out i definitely made out with him. he was 19 and he had a jean jacket and said i had nice legs! of course i made out with him!