*FAMILY DISCLAIMER: if we're related and don't want to read about my sex life, stop now. Go back... Read the section marked BLOG. 

This afternoon a beautiful friend of mine sent me an email with an article about something called the 30 Days of Orgasms Challenge. This wasn't about having sex with as many people as possible (though, if that's what you wanna do, go for it) but rather it's about connect and reconnecting with your body and the incredible healing and spiritual power that an orgasm can bring. The article mentions that some women undertook it to discover new ways of pleasing themselves or playing with new toys or seeing if they could come in a way they never had before. 

For me the thing about the article that resonated most profoundly was about reconnecting. I'm a sexual person, always have been; I've been masturbating since I was quite young and aware that what I was doing was pleasurable from the time I was 9 or 10 years old. I masturbate... a lot. I even made a little movie with that exact same title. But lately orgasms have become prefunctory... A way to fall asleep. I haven't been connected to my desire for a while now and when I have come and it's been that deeply moving experience it's been with another person. WHICH IS GREAT, of course! But I need to reconnect to that desire within myself; that spiritual and inborn connection I have with pleasure and with providing pleasure to myself. 

Our bodies are miraculous in their capacity for pleasure and I am going to remind myself of that for 30 days. I will have more than 30 orgasms over the next 30 days but I will connect daily with my body and see what comes of it. I am hoping to unlock some creativity that seems a bit blocked, come hard and often and remind myself that I really fucking like myself. 

I will check in here and post articles I like about masturbation, pussies and cocks, sex toys and pleasure all in the spirit of this beautiful challenge. Wanna join me? Wanna write about it? I can help facilitate some anonymity if you want. Got a penis or an asshole or nipples or whatever and want to participate... That's cool too. Join! PLEASURE FOR ALL! This isn't just for those of us who call ourselves female or have a pussy. Pleasure is for all humans. 

As I snuggle down for tonight's session I will leave you with the article that started it all. Read THE UNDENIABLE BENEFITS OF ORGASM — REVISITING THE #30DAYORGASMCHALLENGE: SEXUAL HEALING and have some fun!