making calgary awesome

i lived in calgary alberta for 2.5 years. from the fall of september 2008 to february of 2011. when i moved i moved for a couple of reasons: a) i was battling hard with my union (canadian actors equity) and wasn't really able to work professionally in theatre in calgary in the capacity that i was being asked to work; b) i hated it here. being outside of the rehearsal hall (either at one yellow rabibit or sage) was depressing. I wasn't taking care of myself or gary and the unhappiness just got worse.  

i know there are people who love calgary just like i know there are people who hate edmonton but i think those people are insane. not really. not at all, actually. but i am not one of the ones who loves calgary on a day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-painful-exhausting-year. it isn't home for me.

BUT, here i am in the land of the white hat, the executive rig pig and stampede date rape* yet again! why? bbecause i got to come home to one yellow rabbit. 

(*ok, there are rad friends here too... and many of them have even worn a white hat!)

i love it here. a world of passionate freaks and weirdos who have taken me under their big wings for what is now SIX shows and shown me more love and kindness than i deserve. confidants, adoptive parents and the hardest partiers in canadian theatre... aka: home. 

and this is what we're working on! come see it won't you? 

People You May Know @ the High Performance Rodeo 2013