Buy My Book!

Hello my dear ones, 

Both dear ones I know and dear ones I have yet to know... I made a book! And you can buy it. It's a collection of short stories, essays and two plays from the past 8 or so years of my life. The truth is I am between sustaining contracts and am relatively under-employed. I have a wonderful support network in my life but they can't feed me or pay my rent. Things will turn around financially in September but for the time being I am putting this out there into the world in hopes that you might wanna read some stuff I wrote in exchange for your money! It's just like buying a published book but all the cash goes to me and not to a major publishing house! That's cool too! 

So, for a minimum $10 (though feel free to send more if you want to), I will send you this little book. 7 stories, 3 essays and 2 plays. Email me the cash to and I will send you the special password protected PDF. 

Thanks so much for all your support! 

Much love,