the end. (or why all the clothes on the top half of my body were on inside out this morning)

last night was a fun night. nothing too "wild or crazy";  just a group of lovely friends, some old and some new, spending an evening together and celebrating the end of a huge era.  

and drinking a lot.  

so much so in fact that this morning when i got up to get dressed for work i put all the clothes on the top half of my body on inside out. t-shirt and hoodie. I am assuming my bra is on right side in because i don't remember having difficulty fastening it. wait, am i even wearing one?  

checks boobs.  

yes. ok, i am wearing one.

but there it is. clothes inside out and the weight of at least 12 oz of either gin or vodka hanging like a gauzy veil over my brain...  

i remember the night though. well. in vivid technicolor. that feels nice.  

but anywho, last night's festivities of an end got me thinking about my own changes.  

i wrote this elsewhere:

I've dubbed this summer the "no bummer summer" - good times with good people and a celebration of all the wild and wonderful things my hometown (and its festivals abundant) has to offer.

But it seems like I need to come up with a similarly clever rhyme for autumn. The "no fall fall" perhaps? I'm open to suggestions.

I'm being a bit glib because writing this buzz blurb is making me sad...  It is a very bittersweet moment for me in my professional career and I should just be out with it:
August 30 will be my last day as Programmer at Theatre Alberta. I am passing on the Programmer's torch, a position that I have held onto very dearly for the past two years, and will be taking on a whole new set of challenges as a freelance artist.

Were it possible I would thank and each and every one of you personally, I would. I wish I could! Without even knowing it you (yes, YOU!) have challenged me and guided me through the many twists and turns of our programming calendar to help facilitate opportunities that were what you wanted and needed. I have learned so much about this province, its amazing theatre communities and I am forever optimistic about our bright future!

I have a million favourite memories and will look back on my time at Theatre Alberta with great fondness and love. If the measure of a great place to work is the difficulty to leave, consider Theatre Alberta the best place!

I can't wait to see you all again!
Much love.

Michelle Kennedy


soon that title will no longer apply but much of the sentiment will remain. it's been a roller coaster of a couple of years here and now i'm getting off the ride.

onto new things. bigger things. different things.  

i'm feeling a bit unable to write about the FEELINGS of it all just yet so i will put a pin in that. mostly, i just wanted to talk about how i was so hungover this morning all my clothes were on inside out.