lest i forget...

today, in Canada, is rememberance day-the day set aside to gratefully remember those who died for our freedom. 

trying to write something beautiful and poignant that hasn't been said about remembrance day is a nearly pointless endeavour. there is gratitude and an understanding that so many of our freedoms come as a result of hard won battles with numerous casualties on either side. 

there are people who will berate those marking the solemnity of this day as glorifying war but most are simply quietly hoping that their loved ones and friends and children and parents and neighbours didn't die for nothing. we are who we are because we have lost; as both a nation, a continent, a world and individuals.

i feel in an odd position when it comes to family in battle-no one i have know directly has fought in a war. i have uncles who fought in england and my grandfather wanted to but was too young and the war ended before he completed his training but i never met them... my dad is officially a draft dodger but never lived in the united states and none of his immediate family ever fought in war. his step-mother's first husband was killed somewhere in europe after being conscripted into the german army but i have no connection to that either. 

all i know on this day is this: we have all lost people to battles and we will continue to do so and whether we believe in war or not (which i don't...) and we will endure through loss and celebrate victory over those who oppress us.

today, i think of the people in my life who have lost loved ones to war and i think of my own family, struggling in their quiet battle, and wish them love, hope and peace.