... well, to the 2014 Edmonton International Fringe Festival. 

And he's the name of a play, not the person. I can't promise that John Cusack the human is going to come to the Fringe. I might actually bother him on twitter to the point of annoyance but I'm sure there is a very fine line between annoyance and arrest. 

I'm sure you're curious what it's about and I will do good at blogging about it this year... way better than I usually am. 

In the meantime before rehearsals start, here are 50 words: 

JC believes in love and, more importantly, she believes that John Cusack can psychically sense when love has run into the arms of another woman. Madeline thinks JC might be crazy. When JC is kidnapped both women are forced to hope John Cusack really can save them.