FOR THE PRESS! (And fans!)

One of the elements of I love about producing is the writing of the press release! I mull it over and fantasize about doing interviews but more importantly it really forces me to think succinctly about my play and what I want the public (i.e.: you) to know about it. Is it catchy, quirky, an oddball, screwball romantic romp? Those are the things I have to figure out and then quote myself and find all the right adjectives to demonstrate confidence but not arrogance, showmanship with hamming it up and style WITH substance. I hope I did that here: 

John Cusack comes to the Edmonton International Fringe Festival

 The 2014 Fringe heralds the arrival of one of the world's most famous romantic comedy actors, John Cusack…

While writer/director Michelle Kennedy can't promise the actor himself will arrive she can promise that John Cusack (the play) "will appeal to fans and haters alike."

John Cusack is the first time collaboration between three long-time Edmonton Fringe vets and old friends: writer/director Michelle Kennedy and performers Jessica Peverett and Lana Hughes. With an impressive number of Sterling Nominations and various accolades between them the three women longed for a project that was equal part laughs and challenges. They found such a balance in Kennedy’s comical oddity “John Cusack”.

John Cusack is the tale of an unlikely friendship between two women who sit on either side of a love for romantic comedies. JC (played by Lana Hughes) believes that John Cusack, a rather famous actor, can sense when women are in romantic crisis and will rescue them. JC, herself in the throws of a romantic crisis, holes up in a hotel room waiting for Cusack to rescue her. Madeline (played by Jessica Peverett), a romantic unbeliever, encounters JC tied to a chair in her hotel. What follows is a hilarious rollercoaster track of friendship, love, sex and whether or not John Cusack really can save the day.

Developed over the course of 5 years (most of them dormant in a laptop) John Cusack was originally developed as a 10-minute solo piece performed by Kennedy at the 2009 One Yellow Rabbit Summer Lab Intensive. Meant to debut at the 2012 Fringe with Andrea Beça at the helm as Dramaturg and Director the show was shelved due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. Two years later Kennedy picked it up again with the goal of a more well-rounded and well-grounded story. A second character was added and the trajectory of the story telling was altered significantly leading to what will be on offer at the 2014 Edmonton Fringe. “I make changes daily,” says Kennedy, “and I’m so grateful to Lana and Jessica for diving in with open hearts and total trust. They are fantastic collaborators and are helping to beautifully shape the story of these two women.”

John Cusack is part romantic comedy, part buddy movie and part cynical rant about love. Mix in a hint of the beautiful absurdity of Waiting for Godot and you’ve got what hopes to be a fun 60 min at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival.

John Cusack will play in BYOV 13: Strathcona Library (8331 104 St NW). Tickets are $12.50/$11 (Students and Seniors). More info: