What a week it's been at Camp Cusack! 

No one doing fringe is without exhaustion, elation and all the feelings in between. I took quick break at the lake with a friend and Jessica and Lana both had brief sojourns to the Edmonton Folk Music Festival this past weekend. Breaks are necessary. More than necessary, essential to well being. 

It's funny, when I was younger and stupider self-care was not an option. Too many hours, too long to-do lists and all having to be done in that moment. Now, breaks, coffee, time with friends, snuggles with cats, breaks to the lake and sing-a-longs with Blue Rodeo... These are the things that keep us sane. 

Friday was the toughest. The show had to be cut by 10 minutes, lines were a bit of a mess and it was a rough rehearsal. I cut, lines were learned and all feels a bit better. Somehow we all flipped a switch and it works so much better than before. 

These changes are hard. This play was so hard to write and while I am always thrilled to cut and am rarely precious about my work it stung. 

Today, during our tech run, I didn't miss those moment. Moments that translated into 5 full pages of text. I thought I might but it was as if they didn't exist. A tightening, a loss of an organ that does nothing for the body; less traumatic than an appendectomy... 

Show opens in 4 sleeps. Come, won't you?