it’s finally quiet.

finally dark.

the world is sleeping here, if only for a moment, and we are at peace. i hear the rumble of this old familiar town beneath us and the only longing i feel is for you to smile and to laugh like…before. before!

when we were on the roof earlier, before the sun set completely and we were silent. both us trapped in a different time; both of us weighed down by desire and exhaustion so heavy all we could do was breathe. neither of us thought of jumping-not really. the thought swished through your mind for a moment, i saw it. but in the end you saw the light at the end of the tunnel. we stood there so quietly and you touched my hand so gently and that was all i needed to be ok.

i will keep that touch for tomorrow. when the sun comes out and the world is loud again and our demons try to battle us to the death. i will keep it and it will quiet my heart.