stunts always work best when the people involved are really really into it. the first time i jumped out of a building i was NOT into it-and i suppose this isn’t too too surprising since i am ABSOLUTELY not a stunt person. my mom pushed me out of the window of our 7th floor apartment. it’s a long story and mostly it’s boring to everyone except me, my mom and the police. i guess the ER doc thought it was a little interesting too since he’s the one that called the cops. it’s too bad that he did because i was thinking about asking him out on a date-he had that noah wylie ease with the george clooney sexiness. i don’t go to the doctor a lot so the only ones I can easily relate to are the ones on TV.

basically it was all just a mess and the whole thing taught me that i didn’t want to be a stunt woman because falling out of a building fucking hurts.