great lake swimmers - new wild everywhere (3.5/5)

It’s springtime! The sun is out, people are wearing less clothes and patios all across this land are filling up. And The Great Lake Swimmers’ beautiful new album, New Wild Everywhere may just be the soundtrack for these warming days.

New Wild Everywhere opens with a surprise: a waltz for the uncertain. ‘Think That You Might Be Wrong’ feels immediately like a departure for the band. New Wild Everywhere is stylistically very different from the four previous Great Lake Swimmers releases; for one, it was recorded in an actual recording studio as opposed to a boat or in any number of other places previously used by the band. In this case, Tony Dekker’s voice is given free range to run wild and this album is bigger, warmer, and more fun. Where past Great Lake Swimmers’ albums lounged in ambience and fuzz, New Wild Everywhere is bombastic and warm, rich and surprisingly clean.