top 5 for 2012

every year i'm asked to do this and every year is super hard... there is so much good music put out every year and i can't even possibly hear 10% of it. sometimes much of what i hear is to review and discovering things gets lost in favour of writing about what i am assigned to write about. but anyway... i did it! and you can read them all HERE

#5: kathleen edwards-voyageur

#4: father john misty-fear fun

#3: macklemore and ryan lewis-the heist

#2: bahamas-barchords

#1: cold speks-i predict a graceful expulsion

but do click the link and see WHY i loved these most.

there were of course things missing: the avett brothers, m. ward and some others.

and now i wanna know something from all you music geeks out there... WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL ABOUT FRANK OCEAN? he's good and the album is good but only good. i wanna get what all the hype is about. please esplain!