A Year of Gratitude


I was at a Chapters this afternoon looking for thank-you cards (I have a collection) and I saw this collection of 52 cards and a journal. The set was designed to create an express a "year of gratitude". 52 cards designed to say "thanks for ________ " to 52 specific people. 

Awesome idea right?  

But it was $35.95. I don't need to spend $35.95 plus postage to say thank you to one special person every single week, I have a website!

So, every Thursday for the next year I am going to pass on a whole bunch of love! Every. Single. Week. I set a reminder on my phone even. 

I'll tell you something about the person, not too much, and share a thank-you to them with all of you! 

Today will be the first and I will continue until August 20, 2015.  

52 weeks of gratitude begin today!