A Year of Gratitude: Week One - THREE AMAZING LADIES

I know, I know, I know... I said one amazing human per week but given the fact that it's fringe and I have spent the past (nearly) 10 days with three amazing women who I would be lost without. 

In absolutely no particular order: 

1) Judy Wensel  

Judy is a talent monster from Regina who, through a series of commands, included me in her fantastic show Shangri-La from the beginning.

I am so grateful to her for compassion, her generosity, her spirit, her sense of humour and play and her willingness to try absolutely anything, even when it seems crazy! I've known her such a short time and yet I know I will know her forever. 

2) Jessica Peverett 

Sometime in 2008 Jessica Peverett sent me an email about buying me a coffee. I said yes, we hit it off and the rest, as they say, is herstory. (I have NEVER used the word "Herstory" ...). 

This is our fourth theatre making adventure together but the adventures of our friendship have been endless.  

Jessica is one of the smartest and funniest humans I know and now, there is no imagining my life without her. Few have seen me ugly cry as often and few are the wonderful shoulder as she is. I would be almost and often lost without her and am so grateful to her! 

If you know her, lucky you. If you don't, find her and force her into friendship.  

Also, her cats are shockingly cute!  






3) Lana Hughes  

Of this rather illustrious list Lana is the person I have known the longest. A decade? Maybe a little more. 

Her little red head has bobbed in and out of my life numerous times and while we have worked together before this festival is the first time I've ever got to boss her around while she does her acting! 

Funny, brave, compassionate and always her wonderful, soulful self I am grateful to her for taking this ride with me, trusting me and being an awesome pal.   

Lucky me!