on being bored...

one afternoon my smart friend charles and i went to see a movie. i think django unchained, but the actual title of the movie doesn't matter. well, it could sure, but not in the context of this conversation it doesn't. ANYWHO...

as we were waiting for the movie to begin we talked about boredom. both of us are the kind of people who don't really believe in boredom. with all there is to see, hear and read in this world neither of us can much fathom how anyone is bored. nothing to do? there are MILLIONS of books to read, itunes has the following ridiculous catalogue: 

  • 28,000,000+ songs worldwide
  • 1,000,000+podcasts (USA)
  • 40,000+ music videos (USA)
  • 3,000+ TV shows (USA)
  • 20,000+ audiobooks (USA)
  • 45,000+ movies (USA)
  • 700,000+ App Store apps

and that's only just what wikipedia says about itunes! think of all the free shit there is to steal on the internet, all the movies playing in theatres, all the books at your local library and book store, all the people to watch at your local coffee shop, all the fat to sweat off at the gym or by going for a walk... heck, go masturbate! boredom is your fault, not the fault of there being nothing to do. enjoy the time to yourself, dummies! and i suspect that you will feel rewarded and relaxed when you learn to spend time alone and  entertain yourself. 



yes, sure, there are things in life that are genuinely boring. of course there are. and lot of them are people! sure, sometimes those books, movies, etc you pick up or attend are boring. it happens, the thing you chose to do is not entertaining. sometimes you can move on right away and sometimes you have to wait until the boring thing is over... a bad play for example. but what if you can't? what if you are fucking trapped in a steel can on the open prairie and everything you want to do makes you feel like puking. 

here is a list of things that give me motion sickness on the bus:

  • reading (immediately)
  • writing (within 3 sentences) 
  • playing games on my phone (immediately)
  • watching movies if it's too bumpy (within 25 min-and it's always too bumpy)
  • scrolling through my ipod (immediately-so i better find something i like and listen to it over and over again) 

so today, i was bored. allow me to swallow my snarky words whole. they taste like shit. for about 1.5 hours i had literally nothing to do because everything i either needed or wanted to do made the bile rise in my throat and sweat through the leather seat of the bus. 

but there is a silver lining... i slept. i did get to do that. sleeping is never boring.