my own lonely island

yeah... this.

listen, i'm not big on internet whining but sometimes i just wanna smash my chubby little fists on the floor and lament my tragic alone-ness.

i feel it profoundly sometimes. mostly when i crash my car into a ditch and i come home to my empty apartment cold and scared and have no one to cry to. no strong shoulder to be pleased that i'm ok and allow my moment of hysterics with love and compassion. ugly crying alone in bed is a dire adventure.


and the truth is i never know what i want. i actively don't know what i want. "traditional" doesn't work for me and most of the time i feel ok being on my own.

here is what i do know:

post-car accident, i want a boyfriend

under no circumstances do i want to be mommy to an adult baby

everything else...


clearly today is about being glib and whiny and stealing other people's cleverness all over the internet!