Spring Cleaning

we do it for our homes and our cars so why not do it for your body, right?

every 6 months or so i backslide into a pretty intense period of binge eating and in turn make myself pretty sick. i effectively poison myself with garbage. for the most part i eat very well and take pretty decent care of myself food wise. i've spent the past 11 months working on relearning about food and embarking on my own journey. yes, this has come with some weight loss and that feels amazing but that isn't the focus. the focus is always on health and intentional living. everyone in my family dies of heart attacks and if they don't die they have them young-too young-and i ain't down with that. that isn't how i play. so, health...

but i have issues with food as so many people do and often our relationship is an unhealthy one. we get together, hang out, treat each other well for a while and there is an implosion. i get sad or frustrated or stressed or tired or bored or just lazy and it begins to spiral. there are days when i eat myself sick. many days. i am not proud of this fact but it's a fact and i'm working on. it's a slow process and it's going to take years to sort it all out.

goodness, this sounds so doom and gloom but i am doing better. these bouts of violence happen less and less frequently and i am able to resist them for longer. not eating gluten certainly helps but the flipside is that the resulting pain can't be blamed on that wrap i had for lunch... there are just less excuses now that my IBS is somewhat more under control...

ANYWAY, spring cleaning! as a bit of a reset after my last little bout with tummy terrors i have decided to embark once again on the wildrose cleanse. i love it! it wants you to eat food (especially sushi!-we fish...) and take good care of yourself. it can be a bit brutal on your time if you don't love going to the bathroom but generally i find it the simplest. no flour of any kind, no dairy, no sugar and no tropical fruit. there are some other things but for the most part those are all my IBS triggers anyway! YAY!

so here's to a reset and a clear, sugar-free head.

happy spring everyone. i hope you have some plans to mark this wonderful new season... (when it stops snowing anyway)!