i love february. minus 40 keeps me warm. my skin melts in the summer, falls apart and sheds in shards like a silly little snake. it never fails to surprise me. in the winter i feel supple, generous and full of elasticity. i can function, breath properly, and avoid humiliation. when your skin falls off without regard for social mores you never know when you might leave a piece of your thigh behind. no one wants to sit beside you at a movie when you might leave a piece of your forearm behind.

i’ve tried cures, tried to walk around in a cooler but nothing works and the mess is a nightmare.

i’ve thought about moving to the arctic circle or joining the skinless tribes at the centre of the earth, near the equator but it’s hard to have a job when your skin falls off… it’s hard to hold down a job.

we’ll see what happens i guess. climate change could either be really super positive or really super negative. time will tell. time always tells.