(a bit romantic) #1

She sat on the fence-she made her living as a fence sitter. It wasn’t a choice by any stretch of the imagination, it just sort of happened. As a toddler she just never made a decision; and maybe at the end of her life they will say,

She decided once never to decide.

And she never did.

Once she looked at apartments in Paris and someone else decided.

The first time it happened was when she was about 17 months old. It was a Tuesday. She spoke very well already and her mother asked her if she would like chicken or turkey for dinner-both were strained and both looked (and tasted) exactly the same-and instead of choosing she simply said,

Either or.

And it went that way for years.

Paper or plastic?

You chose.

She voted but she always voted for all the candidates and never expressed any real political opinion.

They are all the same anyway,

She was often heard to say.  And it didn’t matter, people spoiled ballots all the time.

One day she met a man. He was a very powerful man who made decisions with every breath. He was boisterous in his decision-making.



He could be heard making decisions late into the night. His neighbours felt safe knowing that he would always be able to tell them just what they should do.

Should I buy this car?


Should I marry this woman?


Persimmons or dates at brunch?


No question was too much. He knew the answers and he was always right.

One day this man and this woman met. They were in the produce aisle and she wasn’t deciding between honeydew and cantaloupe. He picked up a honeydew and placed in gently in her cart. Their eyes met then too. They looked into each other and felt an odd tilting of the scales.

He knew what to do and she was sitting on the fence so they went for dinner and he ordered her the chicken rather than the salmon.

After some time they loved each other. She didn’t decide to love him or not to love him; she just did, like the way she just woke up in the morning. She just did. He didn’t decide either. He just did the way he did when he brushed his teeth in the morning.

One morning he came from the bathroom to find her sleeping in the bed. He had a question and for her.

He lay in bed.

He whispered in her ear,

Will you marry me?

She whispered back from her spot between asleep and awake.