A Year of Gratitude: Week Two MAUREEN KENNEDY

If you're curious what this is all about catch yourself up here

This week's gratitude can fall to no one but my mother, Maureen Kennedy. Right now is she is diligently watching over my sad and sick cat Gary and his sad and sick tummy. She texts and emails to let me know how he's going and is never afraid to check in with the vet. She cares quite a lot of all the creatures of our earth. Well, her daughters and their fat cats anywhere. 

Some favourite things about my mom: 

  • Her students are never afraid to come out to her and share their souls. She has created a beautifully safe space in a world so often unsafe for teenagers. 
  • She is passionate about Canadian History and wants to know the real truths of our country; even the scary ones swept under the rug. 
  • She is the most compassionate supporter of myself, my sister, her family and her mother - none of us are easy humans all of the time.
  • Every time I open a show she buys me a bracelet!  

I wasn't always the easiest person to be around, to like or to tolerate; I was wild and rude and a marvelous asshole but no matter what my mom was by my side. She was holding me when I didn't even know I was falling... And she still is. 

We're friends now. Her time is the best give she ever gives. She makes me laugh and cry and I am blessed and better for her. 

This week, and my life, is dedicated to my amazing mother.